The provincial hospital complex in Kalisz was created in 2006 as a result of the connection of Ludwik Perzyna hospital complex (at 79 Poznańska Street) and the provincial hospital Matki i dziecka i.e. the hospital of Mother and Child (at 7 Toruńska Street).
The hospital’s headquarters are localized at 79 Poznańska St. in what is commonly known as Okrąglak (i.e the round building).

The provincial hospital complex in Kalisz is a multilevel medical institution. It has 837 beds and it provides care at 24 care facilities (20 for adult patients, 4 for children) as well as in 25 special clinics (15 for adults and 10 for children).

Annually, the complex admits about 37 thousand patients and the clinics operating here provide approximately 70 thousand consultations of specialists. The hospital emergency department sees another amount of 25 thousand persons who require medical help without the necessity of being hospitalized.
Since April 1, 2014, the provincial hospital complex in Kalisz has also been providing health treatment in the framework of nocturnal and holiday care which treated about 2300 ambulatory patients in the very first month of operation. A year earlier – March 1, 2013 – the emergency room (ER) was included in the hospital’s structure.

The provincial hospital complex features a panel of medical specialists who lead patients according to the latest medical trends. The facility employs 1596 individuals (1392 of whom are related to medical care) and there are at least 320 doctors, 616 nurses, 79 midwives and 377 representatives of basic high standard medical personnel.

What reinforces the hospital’s high quality of service is its cutting-edge equipment (partially paid for with EU funds) which is why the complex has been honored many times in recognition of its overall work. The provincial hospital complex is, among others:

The leading medical institution in southern Wielkopolska (Great Poland); the best hospital in this region among self-governed institutions taking part In the project Portrety szpitali, mapy możliwości (Portraits of hospitals – maps of possibilities); the prize-winner of Perły medycyny (Pearls of medicine) in the category of public hospitals having over 400 beds, the winner of the plebiscite Modernizacja Roku 2011 – Termomodernizacja Szpitala (modernization of the year – hospital thermo-modernization). The hospital also prides itself on having two certificates – the ISO 9001:20078 and one “the supreme quality of medicine” (Najwyższa jakość w medycynie).

The hospital is run with the aid of latest management tools which is a major asset of the complex. These measures yield positive financial results each year which, along with EU subsidies, allow uninterrupted development and modernization of the departments, institutions and laboratories as well as the whole complex. For these reasons the hospital can boast about having many achievements in the field of medical treatment.

What testifies to the quality of the provincial hospital complex In Kalisz are the statistics that reveal high level of social trust not only among the inhabitants of this town but also of the neighboring towns and townships. It is also worth mentioning that an anonymous care related survey done among patients has proven that they have a very high opinion of the place and this, in turn, confirms the competence of the hospital’s employees and staff encouraging them to further their efforts since care and struggle for the patient’s health has always been their priority.